looking west

Most peoples lives are, to a greater or lesser extent, directed (or perhaps limited) by commitments and responsibilities (“I can’t go travelling! What would I do with the dog/cat/kids?”) This is a good thing. Otherwise the world would be filled with selfish hedonists. Indeed some of these commitments bring meaning and joy to a lot […]


Another great quote about photography: the left side of our brain, the logical side, is busy worrying about camera settings—white balance, f-stops, shutter speeds, histograms, focus points— while your right brain is demanding, “Shut up! I’m trying to take a picture!” The point here is that you need to get so familiar with your camera that dialling in the […]


I have come to the conclusion that I want to take my photography more seriously.  This is not a desire to “go professional”, more a wish to  express myself and grow as a person.  This may sound a little too fluffy, or even a little too profound but tough, I’m riding with this idea! Here […]

When I see a good quote about learning the art of photography I need to borrow it so I remember… I always carry a camera with me and make sure I snap some (very) random pictures. I only use the 50 mm lens and I only operate in manual mode. The other rule I made […]

Us Brits are typically tolerant people and we don’t like to complain.  So maybe its just me getting older but I am become more aware of poor service and I am voting against it by taking my custom away.  Perhaps its not even poor service that is irking me but amateur service.  Or, even more specifically, […]

Simon and Flo

Christmas is coming, I am getting fat… Already the excuse that Christmas is coming is being used to slacken off from dietary restrictions and forego that trip to the gym. Anyway, must type faster, we are about to go out to dinner to catch up with friends before Christmas….see I’ve done it again!! With Simon […]

Autumn leaves

So late summer has morphed in autumn, the leaves have fallen of the trees and everything is damp and grey. The clocks have been put back so night falls in the afternoon, robbing us of the inclination to do anything much that involves the outdoors. The only people who like the shorter days are astronomers…they […]


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