Summer’s End

Well I have been absolutely rubbish at blogging this summer, for which I need to kick myself up the backside with great force. So here is the potted summary.

Son number 1 graduated from Warwick University with a first class degree in Computer Science. We attended his graduation ceremony with great pride, especially following his health-induced gap year. He is now just about to join the workforce as a software developer. He is very luck to be based in one of the UK’s most beautiful cities – Bath – and we are helping him move into his new apartment tomorrow.

Son number 2 has just returned from Monaco where he spent the week with his French-English girlfriend. Apparently he had a great time and got on well with her father – mainly by eating a lot of his cheese and drinking his wine!!

Son number 3 had a stunning set of GCSE exam results and, like his brothers before him is about to embark on a 2 year A Level course in everything mathematical and scientific!

The summer has been marked by the Olympic Games and the Paralympics. We didn’t get tickets. Stupidly we thought that the hassle would outweigh the added enjoyment of live v tv viewing. We were wrong with all reports saying that the atmosphere at the venues was something special.

So, in summary a great summer for the kids. We plod on supporting their progress, but we are starting to think about the exiting things we can do when they have all flown the nest!!


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