A new photographic challenge….

Christmas is coming, I am getting fat… Already the excuse that Christmas is coming is being used to slacken off from dietary restrictions and forego that trip to the gym. Anyway, must type faster, we are about to go out to dinner to catch up with friends before Christmas….see I’ve done it again!!

With Simon back from Oxford the house is a little noisier than of late. He brought his delightful girlfriend Flo to stay with us for the week before she heads back home to the south of France where she lives. It’s great to have them both here.

Simon and Flo
Simon and Flo

I may be taking my photography in a new direction. I have ordered a compact camera (admittedly one with total control over settings and a high quality lens – the Lumix LX5) and I want to carry it with me most of the time (unlike my unwieldy Canon 7D) so that I can start taking “street portraits”….I have been inspired by a group on Flickr called “100 Strangers”. The concept is that you take photographs of strangers, but they can’t be candid. You have to ask permission and ideally talk to the person and find out a little about them. By giving the stranger details of your Flickr collection they can see and download their own portrait.

My doubts are:-

  • Would a compact camera carry the same gravitas as a DSLR?
  • Will the quality of the shots be high enough?
  • Should I use flash or natural light?
  • Will I have the guts to talk to strangers?
  • Will I have a tendency towards photographing a certain demographic? Male, Female, Young, Old???

Only time will tell….


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