Autumn is here

So late summer has morphed in autumn, the leaves have fallen of the trees and everything is damp and grey. The clocks have been put back so night falls in the afternoon, robbing us of the inclination to do anything much that involves the outdoors. The only people who like the shorter days are astronomers…they can observe the night sky at more sociable hours.

Hopefully I’ll have more time to write over the coming dark months! So a potted summary of goings on in my life…

We have helped Matt (son #1) make the transition from student to working man. In these difficult economic times his skills have been valued by an internet security company in Bath and he has started as a software developer. Not only does he have a job that stretches him intellectually, he gets to live in perhaps the most beautiful town in England and he has managed to find an apartment within walking distance of the thriving town centre and his work.

Simon (son #2) continues into his third year of his degree course in Mathematics at Oxford…making the most of what that great university offers in terms of seeing visiting speakers and going on trips to spread the word of mathematics.

Harry (son #3) achieved straight A performance in GCSE school exams and is now specialising in his A Levels in Maths, Physics and Chemistry, hoping to do a degree in Physics (at last one of them following in my footsteps)….

I continue to work in Canary Wharf, but am looking at the “end-game” by thinking about the skills and tools I need to go freelance. I also continue to harbour a desire to make a living from photography but that dream nestles firmly at the back of my mind.

So life moves on, the rate of change is far faster in the realms of my kids, but background planning starts for life post-children.


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