Photographic passion…

I have come to the conclusion that I want to take my photography more seriously.  This is not a desire to “go professional”, more a wish to  express myself and grow as a person.  This may sound a little too fluffy, or even a little too profound but tough, I’m riding with this idea!Me

Here are some quotes from a book I have started reading….

To get to the core of our photographic souls is to be honest with ourselves and ask, “What is it I am trying to say through my photography?

What am I trying to say?  Sometimes it’s “aren’t I clever, I have mastered the technical complexities of this machine called a camera.”  I admit this is part of the pleasure for me but it is not all, or even the biggest part of the pleasure.  If I make a great image from a chanced shot with my phone then this makes me happy.  No, I am happy to admit to myself that the equipment is a means to an end only.

the most rewarding part of the photographic process often comes when you find a project or theme you feel passionate about

This is a difficult thing to ponder.  What do you feel passionate about?  Do you feel passion?  For me I feel passion firstly for my family but, to be honest, they are not compliant subjects.  They have had enough of me snapping away.  What else do I feel passion for?  Science…justice…travel…interesting people….food….technology….  I am finding it difficult to focus on one thing.

by finding meaning and purpose in your picture-taking process, you will learn about yourself while elevating your personal photographic vision

Learn about yourself?  Good.  That’s what I want.  Lets get going!!


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