Photography by blind luck

I’ve written before about the importance of going out there to find photos. They don’t come to you. Another important factor in capturing interesting images is blind luck. This week I took my camera to work. Bearing in mind this is a Canon 7D (and I happened to pick the 24-105 lens for its flexibility) this is a bulky thing to carry around on commuter trains. But there was the annual motor expo on in Canary Wharf – a time when makers of expensive sports cars try to get rich bankers to hand over some of their bonus for a new toy – so there were lots of photo opportunities.

My favourite shot was this one of the rear end of a Maclaren Formula One car – looks like a monster’s face, no?

But the luck bit of my story happened later, when I got to my station at London Bridge. I had a few minutes to wait before my next train and started snapping at things (I have lost any self consciousness about standing around in a suit taking photographs). By chance I was standing on a pedestrian bridge over the main road outside the station and started taking photos of cyclists when I noticed that a taxi started doing an illegal u-turn in front of a cyclist and nearly knocking her off her bike. The scene only unfolded after I had taken the first photo in the sequence so I had no idea what was going to happen.

As I said, blind luck! Fortunately for the cyclist there was no harm done (otherwise my photos could have been useful in the court case!!)


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