Reigning for 60 Years

I have lived all my life in the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. She has just passed the milestone of being our Queen for 60 years. That’s an awful long time to have one job. Shouldn’t she retire now?

She has carried on stoically throughout boom and bust, war and peace, happiness and tragedy. And for an 86 year old, she is fit and healthy, physically and mentally.

As could have been expected, the rain put a bit of a dampener on the Jubilee celebrations over this long weekend, but there is true affection for our Queen across all walks of life…so the crowds turned out in their millions (literally…it was estimated there were 1.5million people in the Mall and outside Buckingham Palace last night. Not even North Korea could rustle up so many well-wishers!).

Here is a photo I took in East Grinstead High Street. It shows Jubilee flags on a Tudor building (we have stacks of them in East Grinstead)…so the first Queen Elizabeth was around when this building was constructed…those timbers are well over 400 years old!!


2 thoughts on “Reigning for 60 Years

  1. She has been around for some great changes in the country, but seems like most people still love and respect her!

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