Today I walked from the Eastern Hemisphere into the Western Hemisphere.  It was no big deal really.  In fact I do it almost every day.  You see I live due south of Greenwich, London which was chosen to be “the centre of the world”…I know I crossed the Meridian because someone had helpfully put up a sign to tell me.  A nearby sign also told me that the meridian was founded in 1675 by  King Charles II – now I don’t want to be anti-royal or unpatriotic or anything but I don’t think our current royal family could organise a piss up in a brewery, let alone a significant cartographic achievement like a meridian.  Having said that, I guess that Charles II didn’t actually do much of the heavy lifting….it was more a case of “it happened on his watch”.

For me, then, a Meridian is old hat.  To me it must be great to cross the equator (I have only flown into the Southern Hemisphere once) but there must be millions of people whose lives straddle that particular line on the map.  At least the equator actually means something physical, the Greenwich Meridian is just a man-made notion.

Living on the International Date Line must be cool (or confusing) but it zig-zags around Pacific islands so that the ability for anyone to go back or forward a whole day with a jump has been removed.  It could however be done with a short swim if your particular Pacific island was so positioned.

Its funny how we take things for granted when we live or work close to what others would find amazing.   For example, if you were the guy that paints the Golden Gate Bridge, or cleaned the toilets in the Pyramids (if they have toilets?) then their romance would soon become jaded.

So, dear reader, that is my thought for the day – appreciate what you have around you!!

Now, moving on to a few photos, the meridian-crossing exploits mentioned above occurred during a walk to Heaven Farm, a small nature walk in the Sussex countryside. It is “Bluebell Time” here (when the delicate, short-lived flowers put in an appearance in shaded woodlands before becoming limp and drab), so I took photos of Bluebells..

And I also took photos of a pond with some newly hatched goslings….

And a waterpump….

I took along only my 50mm f1.4 for some lovely creamy blurred backgrounds…it is also very light for carrying around woodlands and over Meridians..!!

Do you live near something cool that you don’t even notice any more??


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