Spaghetti with garlic and chilli

I find that some of the best things in life are the most simple.  For example, this is my favourite spaghetti dish (yes, it even beats spag bol) and it is soooo simple.  I tried it when I was on holiday in Amalfi last year and their version is even better than mine (no surprise there).  It is a great dish to do for a warming lunch, or perhaps as a starter to a larger meal.  I don’t really do measured amounts when I cook so you will have to amend the recipe that follows for the size of your appetitie / number of people being fed…

  1. Cook the spaghetti per the packet instructions
  2. Meanwhile put one large tablespoon per person of good virgin olive oil into a saucepan (you will be pouring the spaghetti into this saucepan later so it needs to be a reasonable size)
  3. Heat the olive oil and put in chopped garlic (at least one large clove per person – but to your taste) and chopped red chillis.  (The chillis that I had were disappointingly mild – hence I used a lot – but you need to use your judgement on quantities).
  4. Cook the garlic and chilli on a medium / low heat so that they soften but don’t get go brown (see photo).  Meanwhile roughly chop or tear some fresh parsley.
  5. When the spaghetti is almost ready, drain it and pour it into the oil / garlic / chilli mix.  Add the parsley and stir for a couple of minutes for the pasta to be well covered and the parsley to wilt.
  6. Serve and enjoy (I’m sure you will)!!

Anyone got a simple pasta dish they want to share?  I’m looking for one with a simple tomato sauce….


3 thoughts on “Spaghetti with garlic and chilli

  1. Agreed. (about simple things being divine, especially when in Italy!!!) Here’s a whole grain challenge for you: why not give whole wheat spaghetti a shot sometime? It doesn’t suck. An acquired taste, perhaps, but once acquired it’s really rather tasty. (Though sometimes a recipe calls for good ole refined pasta, for sure). Thanks for visiting my blog and the follow, Jon! Cheers, PK

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