Empty houses and achy joints

As you continue your journey through life you become more aware of things changing. It is not a bad feeling, more a feeling of contentment as you notice the slow developments around you. Watching your kids grow up and understanding that they want their freedom and they need YOU less every day. After 20 years or so of constant nurturing and worrying it is a good feeling when they spread their wings. Not that I want to get rid of them – I love them around the house making their unique style of chaos. But, I think, the saddest thing would be to have kids that wanted to stay at home, to rely on their parents.

Two trips up the motorway to Oxford (on Thursday) and Warwick (on Saturday) and they have gone, at least for another term. The house is quieter, we can do what WE want to do, and, best of all, we know that they are doing what THEY want to do…learning to make their way in the world.

Maybe it was the many hours of driving or the shifting of luggage up staircases but my knee hurts…no, it really hurts. My mum (in her 70s) is the proud owner of two bionic knees. I have the horrible feeling that bad knee joints are hereditary and that, sooner or later, I will follow.


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