Fraternity – Week 16

I am the middle of three brothers. We all lead busy lives and one, my elder brother, lives overseas (in Texas) so we don’t get together that often. This weekend was one of those occasions where we met up.
Richard was over to attend a friend’s wedding so we took the opportunity to meet up in Reading at Martin’s house. As usual we ended up behaving like kids.

After a few bottles of Rioja on Saturday night in the Alto Bar in Caversham we started to reminisce about our shared childhood memories…
Such as the time that Richard threw a fork at Martin and hit him in the eye (he still has a purple dot in the white of his eye)…the time I stabbed Richard in the arm with a pencil (he deserved it!)…the time Richard gave me a teaspoon of lard dusted with flour and told me it was a new type of ice cream that mum wanted me to try….the time Richard told Martin that a Tampax was a type of bag and that he should ask Mum if he could borrow her Tampax…We also spoke about our school days, our time living overseas in Liberia (the time Richard’s leg got chewed by a dog leaving huge scars)…

Its great if you get on with your siblings even as you get older…my Mum and Dad must love seeing us like this even in our 40s. As a parent of three boys I can only hope that my kids will all be lifelong friends….


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