Lightroom – Week 14

I have made the jump to Lightroom.  After getting a strong recommendation, I decided that workflow (i.e. the stuff you have to do to get the digital image from your camera to its final state – print, flickr, or facebook) needs to be streamlined to get the most from your photos.  Basically, if it a pain in the butt you won’t enjoy the post processing of images, which means that they probable won’t look their best.

So I bought Lightroom 4.  There has been a bit of bad press around the new version of Lightroom.  The bad reviews tend to be from people who experience problems with transferring catalogues of photos from Lightroom 3 to Lightroom 4.  This is not my position (as I am new to Lightroom) and I can report that I LOVE IT…!!

In summary, getting photos into Lightroom is easy.  Organising photos is easy.  Editing photos is easy.  Exporting photos into Flickr is easy.  I have yet to print anything but I assume this task will prove easy too.

I was worried that the editing options available, I thought they may be too basic, but my fears were misplaced.  It really does just about everything that I need it to do.  But should I want something extra then plug-ins like Nik Silver Efex Pro works just fine too.

One of the main strengths is in the comparison of similar photos.  You know how it is when you get home and find that you have taken a dozen similar photos and cant decide which one is the best.  With Lightroom you can pull up one of the photos and tab through the other “candidate” photos on a split screen.  When you find a better one you can promote IT to become your fave, and compare the others against it.  This way you soon find the ultimate.  Tagging the others for deletion is also simple.

Anyway, today I went to London with my family to meet up with my niece and her boyfriend for lunch.  I took along my Canon 7D with my Canon 70-200mm f4 IS.  That is usually quite a heavy combination to lug around all day so, another innovation of the week was used in anger for the first time…..a Blackrapid camera sling!!  Absolutely brilliant!!  No backache whatsoever.

Here are some the photos I took today.  I hope you like them.



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