Mental Stimulation – 2012 – Week 11

I spent much of the week learning.  I love learning and to have the opportunity to learn something new and exciting is great.  Some people don’t feel that their day is complete until they have physical exercise – for me, however, I need daily mental stimulation.  For example I round off almost every day in bed watching a TED talk on my iPad.  My favourite TV programme is Horizon on the BBC.

My learning was not quite as glamorous as the subjects of TED or Horizon – I was learning to use an application called Apptio which helps companies make their IT costs more transparent by using a powerful mathematical engine to  allocate costs from component to component.  Despite the somewhat mundane nature of the challenge, I loved getting my hands dirty and building solutions using this new tool.

My learning pales into insignificance to my two elder sons (Mathematics at Oxford and Computer Science at Warwick) who are now both back at home for the Easter holidays.  They show me their course material (for example “Neural Networks”) and I have two feelings:

  1. Wow, that looks neat
  2. Damn, I will NEVER be clever enough to understand it!

I guess knowing your realistic limitations is important for your sanity.

On another note, I am up early on a Sunday morning having just watched the opening Grand Prix of the season.  The Australian GP was won by Jenson Button for Maclaren.  I love the combination of technology and bravery.  We watched the movie Senna last night which made it even more apparent that these guys risk their lives for sport.


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