London Skyline – 2012 – Week 10

London provides a huge range of photo opportunities and working there on a daily basis seems to blind you to the beauty of it.  I love the audacity of the new generation of landmark buildings that are appearing on the skyline.  Unlike New York, these are not tall rectangular buildings.  We have the Gherkin (shaped like a Zeppelin on end) and the Shard (shaped like…erm a shard).

The Shard is just about finished.  The topmost point is being stuck on the top.  The angular glass sides have an amazing effect.  I work a couple of miles away in Canary Wharf but get an uninterrupted view of the Shard.  In the mornings, when the sun is rising, the sun reflects in a spectacular way off the faces.

I took this photo with my iPhone.  The pointy thing in the foreground is a large spiky sculpture just outside London Bridge Station.

In other news…we picked up our son Simon from Oxford University yesterday….back home for the Easter break.  Its hard to understand how 8 week terms provide enough time for them to learn all they need to.  We were told that the “vacation” means it is the time to “vacate” their rooms at university, but the work caries on regardless – or even intensifies – between terms.



One thought on “London Skyline – 2012 – Week 10

  1. Yes…I agrees with you. I was there for few days before heading to Cardiff. London was a great place for fantastic photo! Lots of greens and I like the architecture….

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