A day of eating

As it was Sarah’s birthday today we went out for lunch. I didn’t go into the office today but instead “worked from home” – (why do people always hold their fingers up either side of their head making speech mark signs whenever they say “working from home”??)

So, despite the cold wind, we walked the half mile or so the Mae Ping, the only Thai restaurant in East Grinstead. Here is my Evernote Food link for Mae Ping.

The first thing to say is that it was empty….completely empty. I know that the country is limping on economically and it is a Monday but…empty??

The second thing to say is that the lunch menu is good value at £12.50 and the food is of a high quality. The main course (I had chicken with garlic, chilli, lemongrass and peppers with jasmine rice) was really good but not that unusual. The starter I had was a little different (well I had never come across it before anyway). It was called Dragon’s Den and consisted of tofu pockets stuffed with vegetables and fried – sort of like a healthier version of a spring roll.

Its a shame if this great little restaurant isn’t getting the business it deserves because the food and the service are great.

Birthday traditions somehow get ingrained in family life. Our tradition is to eat tacos for dinner on the day of a birthday. So that’s what we have just done.

Two big meals in one day…

I’m stuffed (what’s that….we have birthday cake and chocolate this evening…..)


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