2012 – Week 9 – Vegetarian Food & Chocolate

As we pass from February into March, the days are getting longer and the daffodils are starting to pop up.  After a week of unseasonably nice weather the weekend has been wet which is good because the south of England looks like it will enter drought conditions this summer unless we get more rain now.  The reservoirs are 60% empty at the time of year they should be full.

Yesterday we went to a restaurant called Terre a Terre in Brighton.  (If you clicked on the link you will notice that it took you to an Evernote page.  I have started to use the Evernote Food app on my iPhone to record details of the restaurants that I visit.)  The food was really really good.  In fact some of the tastes were so good that you have to remind yourself that this is a vegetarian restaurant.  My one complaint is that if you spend £70 for lunch for three you would expect the restaurant to use proper napkins on the table rather than paper ones, and you would expect that the lavatories were modern, roomy and meticulously clean….

We also visited my favourite chocolate shop whilst we were in Brighton – Montezuma’s…

Today we spent some time continuing to empty the in-laws apartment, getting ready to sell it.  Tomorrow is Sarah’s birthday so I will be working from home.



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