2012 Week 7 – Gran Canaria

Off to the sun for a week!

For half term Sarah Harry and I visited Puerto Mogan in Gran Canaria

It is a lovely little resort with a small beach and a marina.

It has some “canals” spanned by small bridges.

It has lots of good restaurants, most of them selling good Spanish food.

The Weather was good enough (around 20 degrees C) for us to swim, sit outside in the evening and get a bit of colour.

The pool was cool-ish but we were able to get a bit of exercise to reduce the impact of the excess calories that we were consuming

We found all the locals exceptionally friendly, especially because we dusted of our Spanish and used it whenever possible.

Amusing incidents included Harry getting his finger wedged tight in a hole in a wooden olive oil holder on the table of a restaurant – we subtly poured some of the olive oil onto his finger and managed to ease it free after a few minutes of panic / amusement.

The journey back was memorable because a passenger was taken ill about 45 minutes into our flight. We had to turn back (so technically we went to Gran Canaria twice) and didn’t get home until 3 o’clock in the morning


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