2012 – Week 3

At last a bit of normality has returned to life!

  • Back at work for a full week for the first time in ages.
  • Both boys back to university.
  • Harry studying for GCSE modules.

The only strange thing is that we can’s use our car this weekend. The MOT ran out before a slot was available for the service / MOT test. So the car is not insured and can’t be used. At least we will get fitter walking everywhere.

I finally got round to starting my fitness regime. I went to the gym 4 times in the week and have managed to severely reduce the bad carbs in my diet. The result is a small but noticeable reduction in my weight from 94kg to 93kg. I know I need to set myself a target weight and most people set a round number….I think 90kg is too easy but 85kg would be very tough and probably not realistic. I think I will settle for an interim target of 88kg and see how it feels. That would be a reduction of 6kg. That is 14lb (or 1 stone) so not insignificant. My aim is to get their by 31 March.


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