2012 – Week 2

An emotional week culminating in the funeral yesterday of my father in law, Don.  Its a shame that family gatherings need a sad reason to happen sometimes.  It was a nice, low-key funeral with probably 30 people there.  As we remarked, his generation (the world-war II generation) are largely dead or infirm.  As Don was one of the last there were few people from that generation.  Martin give a great eulogy that put his life into prespective.  From being born as the runt of the litter, being left as a teenager to look after his little sister as his parents sailed off to official jobs in St Helena, the wish to be a fighter pilot thwarted by his hearing disability,  the adventure of being the only Europeans in West African diamond mining towns, his “hands-off” approach to bringing up his 3 children in Kenya.  It wasn’t sentimental, just a reminder of what he achieved and the context of the world at the time of his life.

Logistics (i.e. getting the right people in the right place at the right time) are playing a central part of my life at the moment.  Simon went back to Oxford University on the train on Thursday to take exams (thereby missing the funeral) without any of his “stuff”.  The same day Matt came back from Warwick University on the train for the funeral.  Tomorrow I will drive Simon’s “stuff” and Matt back to Oxford and Matt will do the last part of the journey by train.  I will also take Martin back to the airport for his flight back to South Dakota…..



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