2012 – Week 1

Well this year has already been eventful.  Unfortunately my father in law died on the 4th January.  He was very weak and it was no surprise when he died but, despite this, very sad none the less.  I was at work but the boys, home from university rallied round Sarah and helped her get through a tough few days.

Graham has been down to help with paperwork and funeral arrangements, and Martin is coming over from America in time for Friday’s cremation.  Unfortunately both Simon and Harry have exams that day so won’t attend.  Matt will come back for it though.

We have just taken Matt back to Leamington Spa for his penultimate term at university.  I think he is now ready to leave, say goodbye to exams, and join the exciting world of making a living for yourself.  He seems to be the driving force in his group project work which bodes well for future success.

Simon is still at home, until Thursday.  He will then return to Oxford with a rucksack, and we will drive up with the rest of his stuff next Sunday.

I have decided at almost 15st I am about 1St overweight.  I have set myself the target  of getting to 14st by the end of March.  This less than a pound a week so is easily doable.  All I have to do is minimise carbs….I don’t want it to be another January fad diet.  This really needs to be a sustained change in lifestyle / eating habits.



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