Looking for a new body

I am looking for a new body, a newer one than I currently have.  I want to upgrade.  My current body has limitations.

Of course I am talking about cameras here (my real body will have to do).

I currently use a Canon 30D.  I bought it second hand from a guy at work and have used it for the past couple of years.  During this time I have spent money buying high quality lenses rather than worrying about the camera body.  Despite its limitations compared to newer models it lets me take decent enough photos.

Orange Flower

But I want to take my photography up a level. I want better low light performance, with less noise. I would also like to tinker with video.

My choice is between three excellent cameras – the 60D, the 7D, and the 5D. The 60D and the 7D are, to my mind, quite similar (they both use the same sensor). The 60D is newer, the 7D is more “solid”. It is the 5D that is tempting me. It is a lot more expensive but it has a full frame sensor. It simply captures much more information, more detail, in every shot. It is used by professionals. I would feel equipped to do portraits or, heaven forbid, weddings!

Despite a natural inclinations to being tight with my money, recent visits to a care home to visit my in-laws has made me realise that the cliché “you can’t take it with you” is a truism…..you really can’t.

So I should enjoy the pleasure of a 5D now….. right??


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