Written on 26th July this year….on Evernote on my iPhone. Thought I should post it here really…..

It is 7:30 in the morning and I am lying in bed with the doors to the balcony open, giving me a view, from my 2nd floor room, of the promenade and the Med.

Young Italian women, and old Italian men jog by. The noise of the sea is broken by the occasional car and the electric strimmer of the municipal gardener, keeping the greenery in shape.
The temperature is pleasant, around 20 degrees, this time of the morning. It is nice to be snuggled under the thin blanket on the bed.
The rising sun catches the half-dozen small boats bobbing a hundred meters offshore in the gentle swell, and highlights their whiteness against the deep blue/grey sea.
Another jogger, then a cyclist. At least I can have some exercise later in the hotel pool. It is long, thin and deep, perfect for lengths and bad for young kids – they can go in the baby pool…

The hotel has it’s own stretch of beach. Using it is a luxury beach experience. Towels are provided, as are changing rooms and sun loungers and parasols. The beach is made of rounded volcanic pebbles and shelves steeply down into clear, weed-free water. Whilst not exactly warm, the water loses it’s edge quickly allowing for a comfortable swim. Not suitable for toddlers, perfect for adults wanting to swim.
The food…what can I say! Even the most simple spaghetti with tomato sauce is stunningly good. Local olive oil, tomatoes and lemons flavour the food to perfection. And then you have the ubiquitous gelato, coffee, wine. Even the pizzas taste better due to the local ingredients.
The towns cling on to cliff-tops or snuggle in the infrequent inlets that geology has shaped.

The winding roads make the area less accessible to the tourist multitudes making the Amalfi coast surprisingly quiet. Evening strolls by the sea are entertainingly filled with local characters, not north-european holiday makers.

That’s as far as I got with my travel writing.


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