The drag of man-flu

My head aches every time I cough (which is frequent) and my sniffing sounds like the milk-frothing machine in a coffee shop.  I take as much medication as the warnings allow and effervescent vitamin C  tablets are currently a staple in my diet.  Tissues are blown into (making my head hurt even more) and throat tablets sucked…..its only been three days but it feels like three months.

I hate being ill….

I lay on the sofa for most of the day feeling sorry for myself.  I watched a movie, then a daytime television show about renovating property, had lunch (rendered tasteless by the cold and numbed taste buds), and then watched another movie.

I read the back of the ibuprofen box to see if it would react badly with paracetamol.  No mention so I popped a couple of pills.  Still feel bad.

24 Hour news loops back on itself again…..

I am off work (the only positive) but my Blackberry buzzes regularly and I engage in work-related email conversations, more to alliviate the boredom than out of any professional imperative.

Oh…earthquake in Turkey!  Stop feeling sorry for yourself, Jon.  Its only a cold, you wimp.





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