Gran Prix San Marino Imola 1989
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I’ve just seen the documentary on the life of Ayrton Senna.  It was a collection of home movies, behind the scenes episodes and previously televised footage.  The narrative was built up through sound bites recorded at the time and a few comments that seemed to be recorded after his death, with the advantage of hindsight.  For me the most moving sequence was the footage of the funeral, where the faces of the mourners were cut with earlier clips of happier times with the same individuals (including Alain Prost).

Senna was religious but was very aware of his own mortality – his reactions to earlier accidents, as they unfolded on screens in the garage, showed true horror on his face.  Rightly or wrongly high felt victimized by the (French) authorities in F1 who sided with “their” driver (Prost) which led to a World Championship being lost to his French competitor.

One of the most telling sequences was shown as the credits rolled – Senna came across an accident during a race, weaved through the wreckage on the track before pulling his car over and sprinting back to help the stricken driver, Erik Comas.


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