Crowded House

We now have a full house again after collecting Simon from Oxford and Matthew from Warwick.  The trouble now is fitting everyone in; or more specifically fitting everyone’s computers in!  As both Simon and Matt need to study during their holidays they both need desks so we are having to sacrifice a “gaming” computer that Harry built.  It will be put on ice until the house empties again in January.

We have just been to see the latest Harry Potter film.  I was impressed because it was, in places, a very moody film that didn’t rely on special effects.  The decision to split the book into two films appears to be a good one because it gives the characters more time to come to the fore.

My 47th birthday tomorrow.  I know that I am getting the Canon 70-200mm f4 IS lens.  Can’t wait!  Unfortunately I wont have a chance to use it properly until next weekend.


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