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Sometimes a really ordinary weekend can encapsulate the quietly funny things that happen in family life. For example Harry decided to put a tent up in the garden and sleep in it overnight. He wanted the chance to lie on his back under the night sky and watch the stars. We got a text from him in the middle of the night to ask at what time cats go to sleep because Fudge was hassling him. They don’t, they’re nocturnal, was the reply.

Earlier, as we were reversing up the drive, a crunching sound from beneath the car indicated a problem. Simon, who was reluctantly mowing, had left the extension lead housing under the car. It was wedged. I had to jack up the car to free it. Simon protested his innocence all evening. His foul mood was caused by tierdness following a foam party at the nightclub the night before. His trainers were saturated and stank.

When we eventually got the car free we picked grandma and grandad up and took them for a walk around standen. Except that poor grandma got as far as the first bench and sat in the sun. Matt bullied her into getting up to take some exercise.

The funny thing is, almost as these things happen, I know they need to be filed as memories because I know things will change for all the protagonists in this simple story. Some will grow up. We will all grow older. We will all change.

I am thankful that I have experiences that warrant filing away.

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