Good things that happen #1 – Good regional food

Pa amb tomàquet - Literally: bread with tomato...
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When a local explains to you, with pride, the quality of their regional dish.

First day in Mallorca, we sit down at a small sea-front restaurant and order a very simple bread starter to keep us going before a late Spanish lunch. This pa amb  oli couldn’t be more simple – thinly sliced local bread, toasted, and spread with a paste made from tomatoes and garlic. As we started tucking in the waiter rushed over to explain the best way to enjoy the dish – with a good splash of local olive oil and a shake of salt. He asked for permission before preparing the dish properly, saving us ingnorant tourists from a sub-optimal introduction to the local fare.
It tasted great but, more importantly, the hospitality, care and pride of the mallorcans started our holiday perfectly.

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