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June has come and gone so, I guess, the nights are now drawing in.  It is, officially, a “good summer” because we have had more than two consecutive days of sunshine.  Apparently it has been the second driest year.  We are just waiting for the water shortage and hose-pipe ban.

Sarah and the boys came up to London on Wednesday evening to visit the Royal Society‘s anniversary exhibition in the Festival Hall.  It was a really simple, but good idea.  Twenty or so manned exhibitions covering topics such as spectroscopy, land-mine detection, the maths of uncertainty.  The great thing was that the public could talk to the scientists directly.  It was interesting to watch the scientists trying to gauge exactly how scientifically advanced the member of public standing in front of them was.

Flying round the hall were a couple of silver, helium-filled, blimps that moved slowly using a paddling or flapping motion of two hind flippers.  I thought they looked like whales but apparently they were meant to be penguins.

Dinner at Wagamama’s finished the evening off perfectly!

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