Laser eye surgery – one year on

It has been a whole year since I plucked up the courage to have my eyes “zapped”.  Lets not beat around the bush – the one question you want answered is – “Do I regret doing it?”

The answer is no, definitely not.  My only regret is waiting until I was 45 to pluck up the courage.  All those times on holiday not knowing whether to swim with glasses, risk wearing contact lenses or just be “blind”…..all that is behind me now.

My vision is as close to perfect as I can imagine.  Sure, I have a little trouble reading close things but that is just a factor of my age.  For distance, my vision is crystal clear.  I have not suffered with any night time “starring” with car headlights.  I have not suffered with dry eyes.  All has been good.

Perhaps I have been fortunate, who knows.  All I can say is, go to the best practitioner you can find, save up the money necessary (don’t quibble over costs), and just do it!

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