Weekend in Madrid

We had a great time in Madrid last weekend.  We went to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our relocation from London to Madrid.  My friend Duncan organised a reunion of many old colleagues – some still with Barclays but others who have moved on to new jobs.  I was amazed to see some old faces and struggled to remember names.

I was pleased to see my old Spanish teacher and her husband.  She was disappointed in the way that all her hard work in drumming Spanish into my head had evaporated over the last seven years.  To tell the truth I was able to understand a great deal of the language, especially when spoken slowly and clearly.

I took a nice photo of the Gran Via with shiny post-rain streets and a little indigo in the sky. 

Gran Via - Madrid

Gran Via – Madrid
We spent a lot of time eating and drinking.  The quality of Spanish food never ceases to amaze me.  It is cooked simply but is fresh and high quality.  Fish, meat, shellfish – all if it was delicious. 
The prices in the central touristy areas are a lot higher than we remember from before.  I think a combination of the introduction of the Euro, the (until recently) booming Spanish economy, and the weak pound have all contibuted to making it a rather pricey place.
The visit made me realise how much I prefer the Spanish way of life to the way we live in England.  No chance to move there at the moment however – too many kids to get through university! 

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