20th Anniversary

Charles Bridge Prague
Charles Bridge Prague

On 11 September we went to Prague to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. It seemed that we caught the last of the summer weather and we walked across the city on a guided tour. The touristy bit was well worth doing because we learned a lot more about the history of the city by listening to the guide than we would have picked up ourselves.

Jon drinking absinth
Jon drinking absinth

We also took part in a “pub-crawl” visiting three bars with a group of visitors.

We all got on really well and ended up drinking some very strange drinks like absinth. Sarah took a photo of me with an American and an Australian trying to down a glass of absinth. Unfortunately it made me cough – so I let the country down!

We ate very well with huge chunks of meat (Pork Knee!) and lots of stodgy dumplings.

The beer wasn’t too bad either!

Tina was also over in Prague that weekend. She was working on a consultancy project. We met up on the Saturday and went to lunch and then on a boat trip – a nice coincidence!

Sarah and Tina on a boat trip
Sarah and Tina on a boat trip

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