Happy New Year….

The start of another year and I am between jobs and enjoying a few days relaxation before starting my new job on Monday 7th.  We have had a nice family Christmas with Sarah’s brother and niece from South Dakota and also her Mum and Dad.  We did the usual stuff – ate too much, played games, watched TV.  The weather has been really grey and boring recently and cold enough to make staying at home seem like the best option.  I have also had a cold for the last two weeks so doing anything active was not top of my priority list.

I have spent some time writing essays for my OU Psychology degree – so I have been using my brain at least.  I am enjoying it a lot.  I can see that choosing a degree when you are 18 is difficult as your career depends on it.  But when you are middle aged and wanting to learn you have no such considerations to worry about.  A psychology degree 20 years ago probably would not have helped me much; but now it is really helping me stretch my knowledge of how things work in the world.  Not bad for an old dog…!


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