The Old Enemy at Wembely

Martin was kind enough to ask me to join him for the match against germany at Wembely last Wednesday. On a cold rainy night we made our way (after a couple of beers and a pizza) to the stadium.  The stadium is absolutely amazing.  After dozens of trips to the Bernabeu in Madrid I thought that I would be hard to impress, but the stadium is fantastic.  All seats have a great view and have surprisingly good legroom.

The match itself started well with a great goal from Lampard, but a mistake by Paul Robinson let the Germans equalise.  Shortly before half time (with me on the way to the bar) the Germans scored a cracker (apparently).

We know the journey home would be bad but I was shocked by the time taken to even get to the tube station.  We had to pass through cordons of mounted police to get there and the crush on the train was worse than anything that I have experienced commuting.  The infrastructure just cant cope and there is no way you could hang around after the match for the crowds to clear because there is absolutley nothing around the stadium except inductrial estates.

Having said that, I would do it again! 


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