A weekend of history

I drove Sarah, Harry and Simon to Oxford to pick Alison up from her summer school.  Luckily the floods that have been causing havock in the midlands hadn’t come down as far south as Oxford.  We met Alison as we parked the car in Merton Road, just outside Merton College.  We were surprised to see that she was sporting an impressive black eye; the result of some horseplay.  I am sure that is not what she expected from Oxford University.

With her access key we were able to have a private tour of the college and we saw some great sights including the wood-panelled dining room.  After lunch we made our way home. 

Matthew had just bought the last in the series of Harry Potter books and was well through it by the time we arrived home.

Don and Elsie joined us for a buffet dinner that evening.

The following morning (Sunday) we all went to watch Simon play in a squash league match.  Unfortunately he lost.  We then had a BBQ – the day was reasonable bright and dry.  After lunch Simon joined us for a walk up to town to show Alison the historic centre of East Grinstead.  We had a private tour of Sackville College and Alison even sat in a chair that Queen Elizibeth (the Queen Mother) had sat in (as had ruputidly) King Charles II.

After much re-packing Alison was ready to go to the airport for the next leg of her European adventure.  Dispite waring most of her clothes in a multi-layered way, her suitcase was still slightly over the 20kg weight limit.

I think she had an enjoyable stay with us.  We now have to get ready for our Tunisian holiday starting on Wednesday.  Can’t wait to see the sun….. 


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