Yesterday we went up to London to see the Monty Python play Spamalot – based on the Holy Grail movie.

We went up in the morning and I took some photos – experimenting with different effects.  I was quite pleased with a couple of them like this one of Matthew

Matt  on the train

Also I like this one of SimonSimon on train

When we got to London we went to “forbidden planet” a superstore of stuff relating to cult TV and Movies such as Lost, Starwars etc.  The Kids enjoyed that as it is not the kind of shop you find in East Grinstead!

We went to lunch in Chinatown.

ChinatownGreat food and cheap to feed a family of 5…

We had time to go onto Covent Garden where we watched street performers and had an icecream.

Then is was time to go to see the show at the Palace Theatre

The show was very good.  A lot of it was from the movie but a lot of it was new.

At the end Eric Idle came on stage with an Australian camera crew who were filming for the Melbourne audience.

Palace Theatre 


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