101 things to do with Tipex

When Sarah failed to pick me up from the station last night I thought something was wrong.  Indeed, the windscreen wiper on the car was very wrong – and in the wettest June I can remember, driving with only one wiper was out of the question.

As darkness fell, around 9:45, the nice man from the AA turned up and started removing large chunks of the car to get at the problem.  It turned out that the wiper base was loose and spinning on the spindle from the motor.  After tightening everything up, he rumaged in the back of his truck and came out with a little bottle of liquid paper.  I thought he was going to correct an error on the form that I had to sign, but no, a little dab on the nut is all that is needed to stop it working loose again!

Fantastic improvisation.  I will remember that one in future. 


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